Aspiring young alchemist


Race: Human (Erebos)
Profession: Alchemist/Bard

A young, brown haired woman of slender build – beautifull in a girl-next-door kind of way. She usually doesn’t flaunt it though, not in her new role as an alchemist at least.

But if she is modest in regards to her lokks, she is quite the contrary when it comes to her aspirations. Mariella want’s to be the best alchemist in Erebos, and thinks she’s got what it takes. She looks at herself as the smartest person in the room, and she’s not afraid to express it. Her arrogance has benn an asset so far – it has pushed her towards her goals – but it might just as easily turn into a liability.


Born the eldest daughter of a wealthy farmer, Mariella always knew she wanted to be an alchemist. Her father wanted to hear nothing of it but she was stubborn, and the resulting clash led him to kick her out. Mariella made it to Nothril and her goal was to enroll in the College of Natural Philosophy, but was disapointed to find out that it’s impossible without proper recomendations. Still, Mariella was determined to stay in in the city and find a way in, and as she had both beauty and a talent for fine arts, she could get by as a bard while performing small alchemic experiments in her room. Getting by on her looks – on her ability to entice and entertain – was trial for the young woman: life as a bard can be humiliating to say the least. Mariella had to put up with a lot, but that only strengthed her resolve, and it did pay off in the end as her encounter with the norsemen led to her finally being accepted into the Colledge of Natural Philiosophy.


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