Julio Scaramanga


There are some people where one can tell that they’re dishonest, just by looking at them. The guild elder and underworld crime lord Scaramanga is one of those people. Sure, he’s usually cheerfull (and often drunk) but you can tell when he’s looking at you that he’s thinking about when he should fuck you over.

His one redeeming quality might be that he’s open about being a conniving bastard – he prides himself of being a straight talker. Hes worldview is such that everyone is preying on everyone – the question is who get’s who. He will openly mock idealists and gods: his motto is that “people are either selfish or stupid”.


Not much is know yet, except that he made a career on both sides of the law, constantly steppig from one side of the red line to the other.

Julio Scaramanga

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