Former freedom fighter sailing the high seas


Race: Human (Hynsolge)
Profession: Fighter

Sedomir’s has something wild about him – he has bushy black eyebrows, big black mustasche, and shrewed eyes. He is built like a stallion: all muscles and sinew and not an ounce of fat. His back bears scars of lashings and he is, like most sailors, heavily tatooed. Most striking is one his chest where a unicorn is slaying a dragon as the godess Angusia weeps while a column of dead soldiers march into Bologve’s arms.

Sedomir is easygoing and enjoys simple pleasures like wine and women, especially women – in fact he has a tendency to become almost obsessed with his romantic interests, and gets devestated if she doesn’t share his feelsings. He is just as fierce in comat and his enemies are shown no quater or mercy – even though he defeated his enemies back in Hynsolge, the hatred of opression still burns in his chest.


Sedomir was born into the opressed and starving pesantry of Hynsolge. His family were serfs, the lowest of the low, and suffered constant abuse by the lords. The rough treatment was supposed to break the spirit of the peasnats but the effect on Sedomir was the opposite: his heart filled with rage and when the rebiellion finally came he unleashed it upon his enemies. The nobles were crushed.

Still, Sedomir didn’t stay in Hynsolge. Why? He hasn’t told…


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