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  • The city of Nothril

    A city of guilds and shopkeeps, and of people of countless nationalities and religions locked in hustle and bustle of commerce. The citizens claim that Nothril is the most modern city in the world because the power of money has outgrown the power of noble …

  • The Docks

    The docks: The chaotic underbelly of the Nothril. Although much of what goes on in the docks is perfectly legit, the Harbor Administration tasked with keeping order is so corrupt that not a single man will be hired to keep order. Very few people live here …

  • The College of Natural Philosophy

    One of the finest, most renowned institutions of schooling and research of alchemy around the entire Copper Sea. The main building is nothing short of a fortress. So much knowledge and so many secrets are kept behind the walls, and the collection of rare …

  • Ormr Sverresson

    Ormir followed in his fathers footsteps: his profession was to build the longships. His father never had a very good reputation - he was taled about as something of a weakling, a suck up, a brown nose even. The family reputation has plagued Ormir during …

  • Mariella

    Born the eldest daughter of a wealthy farmer, Mariella always knew she wanted to be an alchemist. Her father wanted to hear nothing of it but she was stubborn, and the resulting clash led him to kick her out. Mariella made it to Nothril and her goal was …

  • Julio Scaramanga

    Not much is know yet, except that he made a career on both sides of the law, constantly steppig from one side of the red line to the other.

  • Ria

    Ria was born of the great glacier, it is her father. She has witnessed the rise and fall of the empire of Jori

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