The gods of Ereb Altor are very real, and they depend on the belief of their followers for power. If the numbers of their devoted starts to diminish so does their power, and vice versa; different gods and pantheons are slowly rising and falling with the ebb and flow of the human civilisations. Gods who are forgotten fall into torpor and eventually die, leaving crumbling temple ruins as a reminder of their former glory.

Despite of their dependancy of worship, the gods are prohibited from interfering directly in the realm of mortals. They rely on mortals to carry out their will – the more expansionist of them require their chosen to try to win new followers in order to gain more power, while others are more passive, content wth merly protecting what they already have.

Aesir – The gods of the norsemen; they celebrate individual achievement and deeds of heroism or evil.

The Shining Mandate – A highly organized and very expansionist church worshiping Etin, the sun god.

The Old Gods – The esoteric pantheon of the fallen empire of Jori, which is in it’s death throes as newer gods gain worshipers.

The Young Gods -

Nargur – The animistic faith of the east, containing extremely diverse collection of gods, spirits and ascended mortals


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