The Wold


The Cultures of Ereb
The norse lives to the northwest, where the harsh climate has bread a rugged, individualistic people of strong warriors. Their society relies heavily on personal relationships – family ties and oaths – which makes it difficult for them to organize large groups of people. Their religion is Aesir

The southwestern lands have feudal systems with a strong nobility, and where traditional values of chivalry intermix with gross abuse of power from the strong towards the weak. The church of The Shining Mandate is very powerfull and most other gods are banned.

The countries on the northern side of the Copper Sea are warm and pleasant, and the weight of power has shifted fom the land owning class towards the merchant princes – forward thinkers that appreciate art and inventions. These lands are in constant turmoil; The Old Gods and The Young Gods are popular here, but the church of The Shining Mandate is pushing to get a foothold.

The East is the most diverse regions of Ereb, it’s people ranges from the barbarian tribes of the North to the city states of the Eastern coast to the feudal lands of the South, but they all share a common heritage of closeness to nature and a disbelief in organized states and superficialy created laws. People follow the faith of Nargur

Along with these regions, there are two more powers.

Soutwest of the Copper Sea lies MorĂ«lvidyn – a chaotic collection of pirate nests and city states whose people are divided into Clans based on the sons of the last emperor. The morelvidyns are talked about as rouges and troublemakers; they’re hot-blooded and heastrong with a penchant for mysticism, and they are considered to be the best lovers on the continent

To the South east lies Erfaro, which is a theocracy

These locations have been visited by the norsemen during their adventure
The city of Nothril

The Duchy of Ivica

The North

The Wold

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